Get to know us

Hand drawn peanut.


Peanut Butter Printing is a family owned and operated company since 2013. We provide high quality printed and embroidered apparel and products to the community while doing our part in the struggle to end severe acute malnutrition in children across the globe.

Why peanut butter?

Problem:  According to the World Food Programme, over 3 million children die from malnutrition each year.

Solution:  Ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) can be used to nourish back to health a starving child with Severe Acute Malnutrition on the brink of death in a matter of weeks. PBP donates to a non-profit called Mana which manufactures peanut based RUTF packets. Every $100.00 partnered with us donates 10 RUTF packets which are distributed all over the globe to starving children.